Latest news

 I am now an approved translator of texts from the European Parliament, from English and Italian to Swedish.

Link to and spread my website address to everyone who may be able to use my services. This website was created with help from Digitalpiloterna, Karin Gustafsson from Tilltro. The texts were translated into English by Catherine Brix and into Italian by Paola Manca.

Starting April 2013 I can offer translation services together with post-translation layout services so the translated text fits in your InDesign file.

Branner Translation is part of Branner Konsult AB as of January 2013.

The Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ) arranged a very good language editing course led by Sara Rösare from Språkkonsulterna and another SFÖ course is just around the corner. Hopefully, it will be as inspiring and valuable as the autumn one was.