Sasha has delivered translations to TLT, mainly in the field of IT.

Throughout, her deliveries have been on time and in line with our instructions.

Sasha has quickly assimilated new information and asked our project managers relevant questions during a project. Moreover, Sasha has shown that she understands IT and has the necessary expertise to translate IT documents well.


Mika Torndahl


Green Apple on BooksTLT Documents AB


Working in translation as a Project Manager is stressful and requires a lot of juggling. Clients need to be satisfied first but translators need to be treated fairly and with respect. As I rely heavily on freelance translators, it is important for me to find people who I can trust to deliver high quality work on time, if not a little early.

Sasha Branner is one of the freelance translators I prefer to contact first. When working with Sasha, her professional attitude and approach to assignments shines through. She is not afraid to ask questions when the text is unclear and is thorough in making sure that the terminology is correct and that the correct message comes through. She understands the importance of deadlines and plans accordingly. She is good at assessing the amount of work she can take on within a limited time, a trait that is often overlooked by translators.

With many of my deliveries going to Swedish clients it is important that I deliver flawless documents. For this reason, I only work with the trustworthy translators and I consider Sasha to be one of my most reliable.

Elisabeth Lundhagen

Project Manager

Tranflex AB


As a translation project manager, it is vital to have a network of talented and reliable translators. Sasha is one of the translators with whom I have worked the longest in the industry and who I know always delivers high-quality translations on time. Sasha also has an excellent understanding of the texts on which she works, and she is meticulous both in terms of subject research and reviewing her own translations. Sasha is always extremely helpful and flexible in situations that require restructuring projects and deadlines, a quality we value highly here at STP.

Linda Diaz

Senior Account Linguist

Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd