Translation is the core of my business and my subject areas are:

  • IT, including marketing, interfaces, user manuals, software, and user agreements
  • HR, such as training programs for personnel administration and HR programs
  • legal texts in contract law, labor law, intellectual property rights, IT law and family law.


Translators often get asked how many languages they know.

Naturally, I have to know at least two languages, but my areas of expertise are equally important. Law is one of my fields; read more about the others.

And yet, knowing two languages and a subject is not enough; I also have to master the art of translation. Machine translation may be sufficient to convey the gist of a message, but what about the style, the feel and the flow? What about grammar and elements such as irony and humor? Google Translate just doesn’t measure up! It takes a human being to convert a text into another language while maintaining the text’s original intention.

There’s no room for language or grammatical errors in a correct translation. Every word in the text needs to be taken into account and correctly translated. The words need to flow smoothly and be idiomatically correct. It should not be apparent to the reader that it is a translation.

I can help you with this. I build glossaries and term databases from your texts so that the translations I produce are consistent. This means I use the same terms the next time.

I can translate documents in several file formats and work on projects of any size. It goes without saying that I make quality checks to ensure my translation is as good as your original.