About the Company

Sasha Branner’s basic philosophyfile4001302546065

  • Swedish is and should be a living language that evolves as society changes.
  • I want to promote a modern, easily accessible language that unites people instead of driving a wedge between them.
  • I hope to contribute to the community and help individuals through doing what I can best, namely conveying a message from one language to another. Personally, I believe that communication is at the heart of everything and this is precisely what I do.
  • I advocate an equal, open, tolerant and multicultural society where language and communication play an important role.
  • I deliver high-quality translations and take great pride in creating distinct, accurate texts that are well suited to the target audience.

Branner Translation 

I run my company personally, but like many others in the industry, I have a network on which I can depend for advice and consultation in regard to language issues, marketing, computer programs, courses and more.

I, Sasha Branner,  am a member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators. Medlem i Sveriges Facköversättarförening

As of January 2012, I have an office in Södermalm in Stockholm. Thirty-something freelancers co-habit here. Although we work in several different sectors, we all work in communication in one way or another. K22 is the name of our network and we collaborate left, right and in between.